Memoirs of an ADMX

This blog is going to show you how you could create your own ADMX | ADML templates within a couple of minutes to deploy some HKEY_CURRENT_USER settings to your Intune-managed device

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The Man Who Knew Autopilot

In this new blog, I will be talking about a big Autopilot misunderstanding. I will try to explain and convince you why blaming Autopilot is not always the right thing to do when your Autopilot enrollment is a complete disaster

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Autopilot & Pre-Provisioning's Infinite Play...uh...Waiting list

This blog will be no deep dive into a weird topic but more a warning when you decided to do something stupid but forgot about itů.

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FooUser meets the Cosmic Autopilot@ user

This blog will be about me wrecking a Windows device during Autopilot Pre-Provisioning to see what is happening underneath. While doing so I stumbled upon some funny details.

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Intune: The Legend of the Certificate

Do you have devices that are missing the Intune Device Certificate or have sync issues? This blog will show you a possible root cause and how to solve it! Nothing is worse than having sync issues on your devices. But it's way worse when your devices are dropping out of Intune because of some missing Intune Certificates.

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Call4Cloud BLOG

Rudy Ooms is naast Cloud Architect bij Deltacom, ook schrijver van vele artikelen op zijn website ''. Op deze pagina vind u de laatste (Engelstalige) artikelen. 

De meningen op Call4Cloud zijn niet persé meningen van Deltacom.